Lindsay's Lists - A compilation of Black influencers, businesses and more

Student and activism enthusiast Lindsay Olivieri shares a list of Black businesses, resources, educators and more. Photo by Lindsay Olivieri (top left) and collage by Jackie Graves.


Please be advised that the descriptions accompanying each individual or business was curated using information provided by said individual or business, through their social media, portfolios, biographies and other media. They are not a full representation of these individuals or businesses and are intended to only highlight a few details for the purpose of providing context. Each individual or business is referred to as the identity they refer to themselves to or have been referred to as by multiple sources, such as news media. Please see the original social media accounts, websites, etc. of these individuals and businesses for more information and to show your support.

All of the descriptions will include links to social media, websites, shops etc.


@thefitnesski – Kiara A. Townsell is a certified Physical Therapist and mother. She offers best-selling workout programs to transform your body. For more information on Kiara, follow her on Instagram or see her website:

@insecure_fitness – Catherine is a personal blogger who offers fitness advice through a lens of self-acceptance while also helping women overcome issues with self-love and food. For more information on Catherine, follow her on Instagram or see her website:

@rachelalexandraafit – Rachel Alexandra is a Canadian athlete who shares her fitness regimes, style and positivity. For more information on Rachel, follow her on Instagram and YouTube at Rachel Alexandra.

@libbychristensen – Libby Christensen is an American athlete who studies at the University of Kansas. For more information on Libby, follow her on Instagram and YouTube at Libby Christensen.

@mrandmrsmuscle – Mike and Viv are a fitness training couple who offer 1500 exercises and 800 home workouts with a focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT), according to their profile. For more information on Mike and Viv, follow them on Instagram, YouTube at mrandmrsmuscle or see their website:

@chanelcocobrown – Chanel is a fitness influencer and content creator on Instagram and YouTube who offers workout routines, hair and makeup tutorials, and even travel vlogs. For more on Chanel, follow her on Instagram and YouTube at Chanel Coco Brown.

@TheQii_ToFitness – QiQi H. is a fitness influencer who started her fitness journey back in 2014. According to her IG profile, QiQi is “Not your average fitspo. The thighs are staying, but you can go.” For more information on QiQi, follow her on Instagram or YouTube at TheQii_ToFitness.

@fitgurlmel – Melissa Alcantara is a fitness influencer, mother, and author of a 5 Star rated book on Amazon, Fit Gurl: Total Body Turnaround Program. For more information on Melissa, find her on Instagram and see her book on Amazon.

@ajahzifit – Ajahzi Gardner is an LA-based fitness influencer with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. For more information on Ajahzi, follow her on Instagram.

@ashleysayque – Ashley Que is a fitness influencer and YouTube creator documenting her weight loss journey online. She offers motivational posts and tips on exercising for weight loss. For more information on Ashley, follow her on Instagram or YouTube at Ashley Que.

Shop Black Owned Businesses – Black Owned Toronto promotes Black-owned businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas. The website and Instagram account is run by graphic designer and photographer, @kerin_chanel. For more information, follow Black Owned Toronto on Instagram and see their website:

@blackownedottawa – Black Owned Ottawa is an Instagram community page which promotes Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour-owned businesses in Ottawa. For more information, follow Black Owned Ottawa on Instagram. – Afrobiz is a comprehensive directory of Canadian Black-owned businesses as well as Black entrepreneurs. The site offers a directory that spans across the country. For more information, see their website. – Blkgrn is an all-natural marketplace that offers beauty and care products created by Black artisans. They offer products for hair, menstrual care, home, as well as bath and body and more. For more information, shop their website.


@syrusmarcus – Syrus Marcus Ware is an artist, scholar, and activist. He has been featured on CBC and operates his own website featuring his art, activism, blog, news, etc. He portrays Trans activists, political heroes and much more. For more information, find Syrus on Instagram and see his website:

@nikkolas_smith – Nikkolas Smith is a concept artist, author, illustrator, and a theme park designer. He has made Hollywood movie posters for Black Panther, Beale Street, Dear Black People and has done much more. For more information, follow Nikkolas on Instagram and see his website:

@from.nik – Nikoiya Wile is an artist from Peterborough, Ont. who creates inks, paints and illustrations. She takes commissions (temporarily, she is not) and sells one of her prints on For more information on Nikoiya, follow her on Instagram.

@allysefrancis – Allyse Francis is a Brooklyn, New York photographer who features her work across multiple accounts on Instagram. She specializes in surrealism, stop motion and other styles. On her website, she also offers blogs on beauty products, lifestyle, food and more. For more information on Allyse, follow her on Instagram and see her website:

@theartsyplug – Latricia Morgan is a New York City photographer, creator, and owner of the @theartsygemshop. She offers commissions for her work as well as a look into her life through her Instagram stories. For more information on Latricia, follow her on Instagram and see her website:

@reynanoriega – Reyna Noriega is a visual artist, author of In Bloom: A Poetic Documentary Of The Journey to Higher Self, and educator. She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, a minor in Art and English and focuses her art on the beauty and vibrance of women. For more information on Reyna, follow her on Instagram, find her book on Amazon, and see her website:

@potterybyosa – Osa Atoe is a pottery maker based out of Louisiana. After starting a community pottery class when she was living in New Orleans, she fell in love with the craft and turned her hobby into a passion and business. For more information on Osa, follow her on Instagram and see her website:

@lollylollyceramics – Lalese Stamps, creator of Lolly Lolly Ceramics, owns her online ceramics shop and is also a graphic designer for Ologie. Her pieces are so popular, she had to close her shop temporarily. However, you can still follow Lalese on Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter to see when she reopens at:

@theroseunderground – The Rose Underground is run by multiple Black tattoo artists with the purpose of decolonizing the tattoo industry by highlighting the work of Black tattoo artists and enthusiasts. According to their website, the tattoo industry is steeped in anti-black racism, such as how many artists don’t know how to tattoo black skin and much more. For more information on The Rose Underground, follow them on Instagram and see their website:

@ohhkevo.pers - Kevin Appiah (or just Ohhkevo/Kev) is a Canadian photographer and student at Trent University studying business administration with a focus in marketing and consumer culture. Kev shares his artwork on Instagram by posting multiple pieces of one image to create a unique theme for his page. He has worked with companies such as Cadillac Canada and Young Known Apparel. For more information on Kev, follow him on Instagram and see his website:


@rachel.cargle – Rachel Elizabeth Cargle is an activist-scholar and entrepreneurial writer. According to Rachel’s Instagram, she is: “Building an intellectual legacy through teaching, storytelling and critical discourse.” She has multiple resources available via links to educate on the topic of race, from education on white supremacy in feminism, racial justice research, and much more. For more information on Rachel and her links, follow her on Instagram and see:

@laylafsaad - Layla Saad is am author, teacher and activist. She started the hashtag #MeandWhiteSupremacy which developed into a digital workbook by the same name. Her book made it on The New York Times Best Seller list. She hosts a podcast and blog and classes on anti-racism on her website. For more information, follow Layla on Instagram and see her website:

@moemotivate – Moenique Melton is an anti-racism educator, podcast host, author and speaker. She offers multiple online programs called SHINE Class, which focus on anti-racism. For more information on Moenique, follow her on Instagram and see her classes at:

@privtoprog – From Privilege to Progress is an Instagram account run by Michelle Saahene and Melissa DePino. The two created the hashtag #showup movement and offer information and education on anti-racism and using privilege to support progress. For more information on From Privilege to Progress, see their Instagram and see:

@kimberlecrenshaw -Kimberle Crenshaw is the co-founder and ED of the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) as well as a professor at Columbia Law School and UCLA Law School. The AAPF Forum has multiple campaigns, including the #SayHerName campaign which aims to address intersectional state violence and the impact it has on Black women and femmes across the nation. For more information on Kimblerle and AAPF, follow her on Instagram and see:

@nowhitesaviors – No White Saviors is an active social media page focusing on the advocacy of anti-racism and injustice. The name of the page, No White Saviours, according to their bio doesn’t mean: “no white people,” but is intended to emphasize that white people “shouldn’t be the hero of the story.” For more information on No White Saviors, follow them on Instagram and Twitter also at: @nowhitesaviors.

@decolonizing_fitness – Decolonizing Fitness is run by Ilya Parker and aims to offer programs to end toxic fitness culture. Ilya is a Physical Therapy Assistant and personal trainer who says they offer weight-neutral, compassionate, trauma informed care. Ilya also aims to make sure the work of Black Trans people isn’t erased or “whitewashed” within the fitness community. For more information on Decolonizing Fitness, follow them on Instagram and see their website:

@greengirlleah – Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmentalist, activist and eco-communicator based out of Southern California. Leah advocates for exploring a relationship between social justice and environmentalism. Leah works on creating equality and encouraging people to be better to the planet. For more information on Leah, follow her on Instagram and see:


@sweetpotatosoul – Jenne Claiborne is a vegan chef, author, YouTube creator and blogger. She has written a book by the same name, Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice and Soul: A Cookbook. For more information on Jenne, follow her on Instagram and YouTube at SweetPotatoSoul.

@hawa_22 – Hawa Hassan is a Somali home cook based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is also the ShEO of Basbaas Sauce – a Somali chili pepper sauce. She plans to have a cookbook available for sale in the near future. For more information on Hawa, follow her on Instagram and see her website:

@itskimberlyrenee – Kimberly Renee is a plant-based, self-taught chef and on-air talent and host featured on ABC, @vegnews, @essence, etc. Kimberly is also an actor as well as a speaker. For more information on Kimberly, follow her on Instagram and see:

@rachelama_ - Rachel Ama is a vegan recipe creator and YouTube creator based in London, England. She is also the author of Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats, a recipe book that features tasty, everyday vegan recipes. For more information on Rachel, follow her on Instagram and YouTube at: Rachel Ama.

@kindred.vegan.souls – Kindred Vegan Souls, or Melissa, is an Instagram creator who shares easy vegan recipes, local food spots as well as vegan beauty products. For more information on Melissa, follow her on Instagram.

@icanyoucanvegan – I Can You Can Vegan, or Desiree, is a vegan blogger and food photographer who creates plant-based recipes to inspire Black women. She shares her food, tips and travels with her followers as well. For more information on Desiree, follow her on Instagram and see:

@divascancook – Divas Can Cook, or Monique, is a Southern cook and author who features helpful, light-hearted cooking videos on her website by the same name. The site has over 600 videos, 2 million site visits per month. For more information on Monique, follow her on Instagram and see her website:

@ambertheevegan – Amber the Vegan, or just Amber, is a vegan cook as well as a beauty and skincare enthusiast. Amber creates vegan recipes for the sake of the animals and is a self-proclaimed carb queen. For more information on Amber, follow her on Instagram.

@whatsgoodberto – Berto Calkins is a New York based vegan cook and YouTube creator who focuses on creating accessible vegan recipes while also offering nutrition and fitness advice. He shares recipes, motivation inspiration, and his family with his followers. For more information on Berto, follow him on Instagran and YouTube at: What’s Good, Berto?


Intersectionality Matters! – Run by AAPF and Kimberle Crenshaw, Intersectionality Matters! Is a podcast that aims to bring intersectionality to life. The podcast deals with the topics of racism, highlighting individual stories and much more. Listen to the podcast via the link provided.

Retweet – Run by hosts Lydia and Dina, Retweet is a podcast featuring relevant conversations culturally from the lens of intersectionality. There are episodes such as Homophobia in the Black Community, Ask a privileged White Man Anything, and more. Listen to the podcast via the link provided.

#Investinyourself – Run by Oshawa local Kimmy Wells, #Investinyourself is a podcast on self-improvement and recently, on experiences of racism in Canada. Listen to the podcast via the link provided.

Historically Black –The Washington Post’ coverage of The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History includes Historically Black, a podcast that highlights Black history through lived experiences, archival sound and more. Listen to the podcast via the link provided.

1619 – A podcast by the New York Times, 1619 is an audio series that focuses on how slavery transformed America by making the connection between the past as well as the present through storytelling. Listen to the podcast via the link provided.

Good Ancestor Podcast – Created by Layla Saad, the Good Ancestor Podcast focuses on “conversations with change-makers and culture shapers,” featuring interviews with Black activists more. Listen to the podcast via the link provided